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HAVING CONFIDENCE – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        faith
SCRIPTURE:    Jhn.3:1-21, 19:38-41; 1Jhn.1:6-7
Style:        drama/conversation:  NICODEMUS and CHAVA
.             flashback to childhood experiences
.             as they discuss the importance of having
.             the confidence to share God’s love
Cast:         NICODEMUS (male adult)
.             CHAVA     (female adult)
.             NICODEMUS (male child)
.             CHAVA     (female child)
.             CHILD 1   (male or female)
.             CHILD 2   (male or female)
.             NARRATOR (optional)


.                     STAGE LEFT

(As adults, NICODEMUS enters, resolute.  
CHAVA follows, concerned.)

CHAVA       This entire time, you have kept it
.           a secret that you are a follower of Jesus.
.           And- NOW you are going to be bold
.           and speak out?  After Jesus has
.           been killed on the cross?  Nicodemus,
.           if ever there was a more dangerous
.           time to do this – it would be now.
.           The Pharisees will see this act as betrayal.

NICODEMUS   I thought that by remaining a Pharisees
.           I could help save Jesus somehow.
.           But- there was nothing I could do.
.           Chava, the least I can do for Jesus
.           is help bury Him...  Chava? I hope that
.           you will be with me in this.

CHAVA       You’ve never really been the brave one.
.           Or have you forgotten?


CHAVA       When we were children?
.                                                       2
.                    CENTER STAGE

(As children, NICODEMUS walks in shaking his head.
CHAVA is right on his heels.  CHILD 1-2 enter and
stand in the background, listening in.  Periodically
they giggle quietly to certain comments.)

NICODEMUS   Chava, don’t make me say it.

CHAVA       Why not?

NICODEMUS   It’s – weird...

CHAVA       No one is around.


CHAVA       It’s not weird.  I just need to hear it...
.           (waits, then)  It’s my future, too, you know.
.           Our fathers have arranged our marriage
.           believing that we would care about
.           each other.  So I just want to KNOW that-
.           that you care...  I’m scared too, you know!

NICODEMUS   Ugh, okay.  I – like – you.

CHAVA       You better!  Because we have spend
.           our entire lives together.

(CHILD 1-2 now have to laugh out loud.  
NICODEMUS slaps his forehead with embarrassment.  
CHAVA is not impressed with NICODEMUS’ reaction.)

CHILD 1     So, Nicodemus, you like Chava?


(NICODEMUS quickly realizes CHAVA’s dismay.)

CHILD 2     Looks like Chava is going to be stuck
.           with a scare-dy-cat.

(NICODEMUS stands there, afraid to move or say anything.)

CHAVA       (to NICODEMUS)  Well, aren’t you going
.           to defend me?  Defend us?
.                                                       3
(NICODEMUS stands there, thinking.)

CHILD 2     Scare-dy-cat.

CHILD 1     Are you scared to get married?

CHAVA       Everybody gets married!  Hm, so I wonder
.           who YOUR dad is going to pick for YOU?

(While CHILD 1 becomes frightened and stands still
thinking this through, CHILD 2 continues the teasing.)

CHILD 2     (to NICODEMUS)  Are you always
.           going to have Chava speak for you?

CHAVA       What’s wrong about speaking up for oneself?

(CHILD 2 shrugs, then exits, motioning CHILD 1
to follow.  CHAVA turns to NICODEMUS with a growl.)

CHAVA       Gr!  I just hope one day you will have
.           the courage to speak up for something!

.                     STAGE LEFT

(As adults, NICODEMUS looks intently at CHAVA.)

NICODEMUS   I need to start speaking up for
.           what I believe.  I believe that Jesus
.           is God’s Son.  And Jesus said something
.           about being lifted up.  We may be
.           helping to bury Him now, but-
.           He will somehow be lifted up-

CHAVA       Nicodemus, the Pharisees have
.           had their taste for blood.
.           I fear that anyone standing up for Jesus
.           could be next.

NICODEMUS   I – love – God.  You know, that night
.           when I went to talk to Jesus in private,
.           Jesus said that He is the Light.  Light
.           exposes our deeds, and if we have been
.           born again, we have no need to be afraid.
.           We should not be afraid, or hide our light.

.                    STAGE RIGHT                        4

NAR. 9      “If we claim to have fellowship with Him
.           and yet walk in the darkness,
.           we lie and do not live out the truth.
.           But if we walk in the light,
.           as He is in the light,
.           we have fellowship with one another,
.           and the blood of Jesus, his Son,
.           purifies us from all sin.”
.           (1 John 1:6-7)