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KNOWING THE HIKING GUIDE - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:       knowing Jesus helps you trust Him more,
.            Doubting Thomas
SCRIPTURE:   John 20:24-30, 2 Peter 1:3
Style:       allegory/conversation: hiker takes person to meet
.            the guide.  The more a person knows about
.            the guide's credentials, the more confident
.            they are in trusting the guide's abilities
Cast:        JIM (hiking guide), DOUBTER, CAMPER,
.            NARRATOR (can the Pastor)
Set & Props: 2 certificates


NARRATOR  How much do you TRUST Jesus?  Well...
.         How much do you KNOW about Him?
.         It could be something like this...

(CAMPER approaches DOUBTER.)

CAMPER    Hey!  Did you want to join us on our
.         hiking expedition?   We’re going to camp,
.         rock climb, and do – well – everything.

DOUBTER   No way!  Sounds way too dangerous.

CAMPER    It is dangerous, but the best hiking guide
.         is going to be with us every step of the way.

DOUBTER   So you say.  Does he have any credentials?

CAMPER    Yes, and I’ve even been on a few hikes
.         with him already.

DOUBTER   Seriously, you think I’d just take your word
.         for it?  You can say whatever you want,
.         but I’d have to see for myself.

CAMPER    Then why don’t you?  Come on,
.         I’ll introduce you to him.


CAMPER    Here he is: Jim, the hiking guide.
.                                                          2
JIM       Hey! So are you interested in joining us
.         on our hiking expedition?

DOUBTER   The only way I’d ever go,
.         is if I felt completely safe.

JIM       Understandable.  Would it put your mind
.         at east to know that I have a degree
.         in outdoor education.  This is my diploma.
.         (holds out certificate #1)

DOUBTER   That’s all nice and everything,
.         but what if I got hurt way out there
.         in the middle of nowhere?

JIM       I also have Advanced First Aid.
.         (holds out certificate #2)

DOUBTER   What if we got lost?

JIM       We wouldn’t get lost, I’ve spent 20 years
.         in these mountains.

DOUBTER   But there’s always room for human error!

JIM       I always carry with me a compass and a map.
.         And I’ve taken many navigational courses.

DOUBTER   But what if we DID get lost?

JIM       I know how to survive for weeks
.         in the wilderness with nothing but a knife.

DOUBTER   That’s good to know.  Hey,
.         but what if we met up with a bear?

JIM       I carry the appropriate weapons
.         and tranquilizers.  And I’ve won
.         competitions for being a sharp shooter.

DOUBTER   Ah!  But you have to know - I am a klutz!
.         If there is something to trip over,
.         I will find it.

(JIM chuckles with compassion.)

JIM       No problem.   I will lead us down                3
.         the best and safest paths.
.         And where safety is an issue, we have
.         the proper protective gear.

DOUBTER   You will keep me safe - even from myself?

JIM       That’s my job!

DOUBTER   Okay, I am convinced... But I may have
.         more questions and concerns along the way.

JIM       And that’s okay, I’m just happy
.         that you’re going to join us.
.         You will get to see and do some
.         very spectacular things.

NARRATOR  The more you know about Jesus,
.         the more you will know that
.         you can trust Him in everything.