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TEN COMMANDMENTS - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:       do’s and don’ts, love, motives, need for God
SCRIPTURE:   Ex.20:1-17; Mt.22:36-40
Style:       drama/conversation:  people discuss the
.            logic and patterns of the 10 commandments
Cast:        3 PEOPLE
Set & Props: Bible


(PERSON 1 enters with PERSON 2 and notices PERSON 3
reading a Bible.)

P1    Why are you reading THAT book?
.     It’s only filled with
.     a bunch of do’s and don’ts.

P3    Are you talking about –
.     the ten commandments?

P1    Yeah.

P2    There’s only TEN of them.

P1    Still, I have problems remembering even –
.     five - four - I don’t even know
.     where they ARE in the Bible.

(PERSON 3 flips through the Bible to find it.)

P2    Well, all the commandments can be summed up
.     into just two, actually.  Matthew 22:27 says
.     that the greatest commandment is
.     to love the Lord your God with all your heart,
.     and with all your soul, and with all your mind.
.     In other words, put God first.

P1    How d’you figure?

P3    Ah, well, in Exodus:20, the first half
.     of the ten commandments says: (reading)
.     “Do not have other gods before Me.
.     Do not make idols for yourself,
.     or worship them or serve them, for I,
.     the Lord your God, am a jealous God” –

P1    Huh?
.                                                       2
P2    The number one thing in your life
.     should not be a made-up god, or work,
.     or people, or yourself, or toys...
.     You should put GOD first.

P3    “Do not take the name of
.     the Lord your God in vain.”

P1    What is that exactly mean anyway?

P2    Don’t swear using God’s name or
.     use His name frivolously by
.     using different forms of His name,
.     like:  Oh God, Jesus, or why even
.     pretend to with words
.     like:  Gee, Golly, Gosh...
.     So, in other words, put God first.

P3    “Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy” –

P1    That makes absolutely no sense to me.

P2    You need to rest one day a week,
.     and set it aside to focus on God.
.     Put God first.  The second half
.     of the ten commandments is summed up
.     in the second most important commandment:
.     “Love your neighbor as yourself.”
.     That means, put others ahead of yourself.

P3    “Honor your father and your mother.”

P1    Ha! They aren’t my neighbors!

P2    Neighbor means – anybody.  In other words,
.     put others ahead of yourself.

P3    “Do not murder.”

P1    Okay, obviously: don’t kill anybody.

P2    Which is putting others ahead of yourself.

P3    “Do not commit adultery.”

P1    Got it. That's a “no.”

P2    Aaaand THAT’S putting others ahead of yourself.

P3    “Do not steal.”                                   3

P1    You mean just BIG things.

P2    It means: do not take ANYTHING
.     that does not belong to you.
.     It means putting others ahead of yourself.

P3    “Do not bear false witness
.     against your neighbor.”

P1    I have no idea what that means!

P2    It means, do not gossip or lie.
.     Not even a little bit.
.     Put others ahead of yourself.

P3    “Do not covet your neighbor’s house;
.     or your neighbor’s wife or his servants,
.     his ox or donkeys or –

P1    Translation, please!

P2    Or car, bike, cell phone, big screen TV...
.     In other words, do not be greedy or jealous
.     of anything.  Be happy with what you have,
.     and be happy for others for what they have.
.     Put – others ahead of yourself.

(PERSON 1 joins PERSON 2 with the last phrase.)

P1    So that’s it, then?  Put God first,
.     and put others ahead of yourself.
.     Basically - it’s just common sense.
.     Not difficult to remember after all.

P2    And when you love God and people,
.     you will want to do that anyway.

P3    That would sum up quite nicely
.     the reason why I read this book.

P1    Interesting.  It’s NOT just a bunch of
.     do’s and don’ts.  Obviously,
.     there’s more to it than I thought.
.     Hm, maybe I need to know more.